The world needs you to awaken to your true nature... 


Since 2003, Samadhi Integral has been part of a worldwide movement that spans traditions, with a collective commitment to the evolution of all beings. Located in Newton, Massachusetts from 2005-2017, today, our headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado.  Our mission is to offer integrative, developmental therapy, psycho-education, and Tibetan Buddhist teachings to support our students growth and contribute to raising human consciousness.   

You are a seeker...

 You're inspired by connection and finding deeper meaning. Beyond achievements, desires, trials, and sorrows, you sense there is lasting equanimity and peace.  Whether you've begun to discover the insights that arise with the practice of meditation and you want to go further, or you want to move beyond the old narratives that no longer serve you, the intersection of psychology and dharma provides the scaffolding for growth.

Meditation is an invitation...

for you to realize your capacity for growth and development. Basic human suffering often obscures this by clouding our ability to know our true nature moment to moment. Now more than ever, the world needs us to wake up and recognize the precious opportunity in this lifetime to elevate human consciousness.  

Guided support makes all the difference....

The difficulty we often see with students is a prior lack of consistent guided support. The student is eager to learn, yet fails to progress; not for lack of commitment, but rather, lack of guided support. There is no end to the self-help books, talks, podcasts, and "retreats" available to the seeker, but the teaching- the relationship, is absent.  The teachings of the Buddha reveal a path to escaping the noise and suffering of attachments, while the expansive work of Western psychology offers a way to process and move through the obstacles on that path. Dr. Churchill offers you the opportunity to explore all of this in a student/teacher relationship with a supportive community and therapeutic setting.  


John Churchill, Psy.D.

Born in London, England, Dr. Churchill's interest in meditative and contemplative studies began as a teenager.  In his twenties, he became a monk at Samye Ling Kagyu Monastery in Scotland where he began his studies in the Mahayana and Mahamudra traditions.  John earned his BA at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, and his Masters at the New England School of Acupuncture.  John completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College in 2018.  He has been the understudy to Dr. Daniel Brown, the senior teacher, originator, and translator of the Pointing Out Way, since 2005.  In 2012, Dr. Brown authorized John as a teacher in the tradition.  


Marynka Burns, Executive Coordinator, has been with Dr. Churchill from the beginning as the Director of our former brick and mortar Samadhi Integral, and now as his Executive Assistant & Retreat Coordinator. Marynka holds a BA in English and uses it daily as a professional Digital Marketing Strategist and copywriter. She has been a student of both Dr. John Churchill and Dr. Daniel Brown, and has supported hundreds of students during retreats and classes over the years. Please contact her with any questions you may have about your booked appointments or retreats.