Meditation Retreat Information

 APRIL 7, 2018 | Q&A | 11:00AM-1:00PM

Join us for a 2-hour Q & A where we will explore the Pointing Out Way path of meditation and the upcoming retreat offered by John Churchill at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica from August 11th - August 18th.  John will be joined by Stephan Rechtschaffen, the Founder of both Blue Spirit and the renowned Omega Institute.  Stephan is a life-long practitioner of meditation, is familiar with this path, and will offer his insights into this unique practice.

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The Pointing Out Way refers to a style of teaching meditation that puts the teacher and student in a direct relationship.  You will be offered detailed explanations during every session throughout the weeklong retreat at Blue Spirit. John will guide you step-by-step through common experiences and obstacles, providing a clear path that is responsive to the specific needs of the student.

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John Churchill

Born in London, England, John's interest in meditative and contemplative studies began as a teenager.  In his twenties, he became a monk at Samye Ling Kagyu Monastery in Scotland where he began his studies in the Mahayana and Mahamudra traditions.  John earned his BA at Naropa University in Boulder, CO, and has completed graduate studies at the New England School of Acupuncture.  He will complete his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College in Spring of 2018.  John has been the understudy to Dr. Daniel Brown, the senior teacher, originator, and translator of the Pointing Out Way, since 2005.  In 2012, Dr. Brown authorized John as a teacher in the tradition.  

John will share with you about:

  • What is the Mahamudra tradition and how does it distinguish itself from other meditation traditions
  • The final objective of achieving mastery in the Mahamudra practice
  • John´s background and how he learned, who he learned from and the unique role he plays in bringing these traditions to the west
  • An explanation of the dynamics of the retreat and the Pointing Out Way teaching style

Stephan Rechtschaffen

Blue Spirit was founded by Stephan Rechtschaffen who also co-founded the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. He is a nationally recognized holistic physician who lectures on health, wellness, nutrition, longevity, and time. These interests have drawn him to living and working in the more mindful and slower paced environment of Blue Spirit in Costa Rica.

Stephan will share with you about:

  • His background and interest in Meditation 
  • Blue Spirit and his vision for the center to be a bridge between Costa Rica and a wealth of wisdom in the world
  • The role that meditation and mindfulness has had in his life 
  • The opportunities that he has had to learn a variety of meditation styles
  • From his perspective, why is Mahamudra is special, and why is Johns teaching style is so unique
  • The fact that there are really very few latin Americans that have had the opportunity for this sort of retreat
  • How has practicing Mahamudra has been for him over the past couple of years and what shifts has he has noticed