Now more than ever, the world needs you to awaken.


These are trying times with daily challenges, not just in your own life, but globally. Some days, it feels as though our very humanity is at stake.

How do we answer the question- what can I do? What immediate and important impact can I have?


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When the mind is open and clear, extraordinary opportunities emerge. Your mind’s true nature revealed; your capacity for compassion is expanded beyond measure.

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You Really Can Change The World

…but you can’t do it alone.

Shifting into a globally conscious community is no small task. It requires support and guidance– a community made up of those who intuitively know the path to a better world starts with the individual making a decision.

Your own awakening is the fuel needed for a global movement toward elevating human consciousness.

So, where do you start?

Whether you've begun to discover the insights that arise with the practice of meditation and you want to go further, or you’re a complete beginner, our Level 1 Pointing Out Way Meditation Retreats offer you the chance to explore your own capacity to positively and consistently create an impact every single day .

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The Pointing Out Way combines a strong grounding in the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience, integrated with the ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions and the wisdom of their direct transmission lineages.

This approach provides Westerners of all levels with simple, profound and clear access to the deepest spiritual traditions.

You will spend a full week experiencing multiple, guided meditations designed to introduce you to the living lineages where the precious instructions for awakening are passed from heart-to-heart down each generation as an unbroken lineage