We are part of a worldwide movement that spans traditions with a collective commitment to raising human consciousness.  We share this commitment with our wonderful friends and colleagues who fill this page with their unique mission in raising human consciousness.  

  Dr. Daniel Brown

 Dr. Daniel Brown

Dr. Daniel Brown & The Pointing Out Way

 Pointing Out the Great Way combines a strong grounding in the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience integrated with the ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions and the wisdom of their direct transmission lineages. This provides Westerners of all levels with simple, profound and clear access to the deepest spiritual traditions.


The Karuna School

Karuna is the Sanskrit word for compassion. The Karuna School is a non-profit global classroom offering life-long learning to raise human consciousness and contribute to a sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants.  We seek to educate the minds and awaken the hearts of all our students.  As a community, we strive for a balance between contemplation and purposeful action, nurturing peace within ourselves and building peace in the world. It is our vision that by cultivating the seeds of wisdom in our students, they will lead loving, thoughtful lives and be a dynamic presence for peace in the world.


Boston Center for Contemplative Practice

In May of 2017, we passed the stewardship of the Samadhi Integral office space at 796 Beacon Street onto our colleague and collaborative partner, Noel Coakley, who is carrying on the concept of Samadhi with his own unique expression: the Boston Center for Contemplative Practice (BCCP).