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You will learn to:

  • deepen mindfulness of sensation as a doorway into calming thought

  • open and expand your capacity for self-compassion

  • integrate your psychological healing & transpersonal development

  • listen to gravity as an immediate teacher of freedom

  • recognize earth as an invitation into boundless open awareness

  • explore the gates (chakras) and channels of openness to rest in natural effortless meditation

Embodying the Open Ground

Embodying the Open Ground is an approach to meditation that draws upon the inherent intelligence of embodied experience. For more than twenty years Dr. Churchill has been developing this approach to the recognition of non-duality grounded in the embodied meditative approaches of the Indo-Tibetan traditions.

It is a contemporary approach to realization and the heroic path of altruism that integrates Western psychological, somatic, and esoteric understanding with contemplative Mahayana Buddhist essence psychology, offered in a guided path that reveals the fundamental embodied truth of interconnectedness, openness, non-duality, and the wholeness of experience.

This cycle of practice is designed specifically for the psychosomatic and cultural conditioning of Western aspirants, whilst being deeply grounded in Buddhist psychology. The practices work with the deep underlying life intelligence of the sacred feminine principle of body and matter. The path of practice to reveals itself through relaxation, loving kindness, and softening into natural vulnerability and deep existential release.

Grounded in a non-dual yogic understanding of body, breath, and consciousness this approach to practice calms the mind, and opens one to the heartfelt ground of being while simultaneously healing the deep split between mind and body that makes stabilization of recognition easier. This practice leads us from identification with the reactivity of the personality to the recognition of essence as a vast openness of dynamic awareness; a transpersonal love that transcends and includes this body and mind.

Meditation then becomes not a formal practice but a way of living and experiencing the world. A new way of living that informs the whole of how we live, work, and love.