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Embodying the Open Ground

In this body of work, Dr. John Churchill helps his students turn their attention to the deep resources of their bodies. Rather than struggling to control and discipline the mind, you will learn to relax and open into the somatic experience of resting the mind into natural embodiment and awareness. Just like the ancient yogis of Tibet and India, you will experience the body as a profound and easy door into natural non-dual awareness. During the practice, you will be closely guided to work directly with body, energy, breath, and awareness,  grounded in a non-dual Yogic understanding of mind and reality, and informed by an integrative perspective on the body and yogic philosophy.

You will learn to:

  • release the stress and tension of your modern life

  • calm your thoughts & open your heart

  • work with the ground and earth as doors into boundless open awareness

  • listen to gravity as an immediate teacher of freedom

  • experience sensation as an easy door into natural non-dual awareness

  • explore the gates (chakras) and channels of openness to rest in natural effortless meditation

These body meditations are unique. They help calm minds, open hearts, and reveal awareness, yet also heal the deep split between mind and body and the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing you to ‘ground’ back into the present moment. All these practices are offered to support revealing the natural awareness that is the essence of being human.