This ongoing class and practice community meets every Wednesday evening at The BCCP in Newton, 7:30-9:30pm, under the guidance of Dr. Daniel P. Brown and Dr. John Churchill. It offers the opportunity to explore the path and meditations to understand and awaken to the True Nature of the Mind. 

This realization frees awareness from obstruction and reactivity and allows awareness to be natural, unbounded, and free. This freedom allows for the flowering of the positive qualities of mind and behavior that lead to a life of joyful service in the world; living meditation.

This teaching lineage relies upon an ancient relational way of teaching referred to as ‘pointing out’.  The teacher offers detailed explanation of the typical meditation experiences, way to practice, and common problems that arise at each stage of meditation practice. The student describes meditation experience in sufficient detail while the teacher carefully monitors the student’s meditation progress. When the student has developed the practice so as to make the mind ‘fit’ the teacher points out the real nature of the mind and the protected practices that enable the student to awaken to the mind’s real nature.

It has been our experience that the transformation to living meditation does not take time, just sincere practice and motivation. We welcome you to come journey with us.

Dan Brown: 6/27

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*Drop-ins permitted. You need not have attended a Pointing Out Way Retreat to attend.*