Global Citizens & the Path of the Bodhisattva...

This summer we spent two months in Costa Rica teaching the dharma, living simply, playing with our kids, and experiencing the essence of Pura Vida. Having the time to self-reflect on how precious our time on this planet is, and how best to utilize that time, helped crystalize what we've been feeling for a while. Now more than ever, we are pulled toward the vow of the Bodhisattva to spread the dharma in all directions to create positive change in the world.

With John completing his doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2018 and his teaching of The Pointing Out Way flourishing, and Nicole inheriting and birthing the Karuna School, we are enlivened to enter into the slipstream of a more global citizenship including the development of projects (dharma, education, social action and sangha) in multiple communities. 

To step fully into this expansion, we have passed the stewardship of the space at 796 Beacon Street onto our colleague Noel Coakley, who will carry on the concept of Samadhi with his own unique expression: the Boston Center for Contemplative Practice (BCCP).

In addition to nurturing our new projects from our studio and offices in Carlisle, MA, we will be part of the collaboration at BCCP and will continue to see clients there. Additionally, John will continue to teach Living Meditation on Wednesday nights.

Stay tuned to hear all about our expanding Dharma Village. We can't wait to share it with you!