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Pointing Out Way: Level 1 Meditation Retreat w/ John Churchill in Durham, NC

Most students enter the Pointing Out Way community by attending a Level 1 Mahamudra retreat. Level 1 retreats present a full set of instructions for Mahamudra practice in a highly condensed manner. By emphasizing concentration early in the retreat, students experience a momentum for practice that often allows at least a taste of realization of the nature of the mind as being pointed out. Due to the intensity and pace of the week it is impossible for students both to gain such a taste and to comprehend fully at a conceptual level what is presented. For this reason we expect all students to build a strong foundation for their practice by attending at least two or three Level 1 retreats before we would consider their participation in a restricted retreat.

An entire set of teachings, from the beginning up to a taste of awakening, is included in the Level 1 retreat. Experience with students has shown that the practices of those who are methodical and patient with learning the teachings develop more steadily and fully than those grasping for 'higher' teachings. We ask that students do not ask us to make exceptions to this policy. In the rare instances where an exception may be appropriate the teacher will make such a suggestion.  Investment: $1,200 US.