Body-Based Meditation Retreat



Join Dr. John Churchill & Nicole Churchill, MT for a deeply transformative weekend of body-based teachings and experiences, and daily somatic integration rituals of healing movement and sound.


Offering You A Fully Guided Meditation & Movement Experience

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Embodying The Open Ground is a path of practice developed by Dr. John Churchill over the last two and a half decades, inspired by the embodied meditative approaches of the Indo-Tibetan traditions.

It is a contemporary approach to realization and the heroic altruism of the bodhisattva path that integrates Western psychological, somatic, and esoteric understanding with contemplative Mahayana essence psychology, offered in a guided path that reveals the fundamental embodied truth of interconnectedness, openness, non-duality, and the wholeness of experience.

Designed specifically for the psychosomatic and cultural conditioning of Western aspirants, whilst deeply grounded in Buddhist psychology, the practices work with the deep underlying life intelligence of the body and matter so as to allow the path of practice to reveal itself through the relaxation and release into the unborn.

Grounded in a non-dual yogic understanding of body, breath and consciousness this approach to practice calms the mind, and opens one to the heartfelt ground of being while simultaneously healing the deep split between mind and body that makes stabilization of recognition easier. This practice leads us from identification with the reactivity of the personality to the realization of our essence as a vast ocean of awareness; love that transcends and includes this body and mind. 

Meditation then becomes not only a formal practice but also a way of living and viewing the world, which informs the whole of how we live, work, and love. 

These body meditations are unique. They help calm minds, open hearts, and reveal awareness, yet also heal the deep split between mind and body and the conscious and unconscious mind, allowing you to ‘ground’ back into the present moment. All these practices are offered to support revealing the natural awareness that is the essence of being human.

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Movement, Sound, & Spirit

Nicole is a board certified Music Therapist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist. She is a mid-wife for transformation and has expertise in human development, holding ritual space, and creating dynamic learning environments that foster growth through expressive arts. She believes that growth is our birthright, and that every human being should be given the opportunity to learn about the anatomy of the psyche and soul. Nicole is a long-time meditation practitioner in the Tibetan Buddhist Mahamudra & Dzogchen traditions and weaves the dharma into all aspects of the therapeutic experience. 

She will be your guide each morning during the body integration practice of Kosmic Pulse, an expressive medium which emphasizes a full-spectrum exploration of physical and emotional embodiment of archetypal energies and states of consciousness through dance, somatic integration, vocalization, meditation, and tribal/community engagement.

Your days will close with chanting and sound healing, also known as vibrational medicine, utilizing the vibrations of the human voice as well as instruments or objects that resonate such as crystal alchemy bowls, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, kochi bells, ocean drums and more to lead you into a final deep state of meditation, gratitude, and peace.

You will learn to:

  • release the stress and tension of your modern life

  • calm your thoughts & open your heart

  • work with the ground and earth as doors into boundless open awareness

  • listen to gravity as an immediate teacher of freedom

  • experience sensation as an easy door into natural non-dual awareness

  • explore the gates (chakras) and channels of openness to rest in natural effortless meditation

Sacred Boulder Beauty

Boulder's dramatic landscape is on full display in the fall with crisp, sunny days and stunning views of the Flatirons. This setting will engage all of the senses, allowing Nature to soften the spirit and shift your consciousness.


The mission of The StarHouse is (to provide)… sacred ground for spiritual and ceremonial practice based on a love of the Divine, honor for all beings, earth stewardship and seasonal and celestial community celebrations.

The StarHouse Retreat Center

StarHouse is minutes from Boulder on a vast expanse of calm and quiet land at 7000 feet altitude.  This property is is certified organic and biodynamic practices are used on the land. Much attention has been given to stewarding sacred sites throughout the property which offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature, self, and source. Built with sacred geometric and esoteric design principles, StarHouse is truly unique.


Your experience begins Friday night with movement, healing sound, and invocation of the deeply supportive spiritual ancestors.

The weekend will continue on Saturday morning with energizing breathwork, followed by initially short sessions of resting into the practice and teachings of Embodying The Open Ground. As the day progresses, sessions will lengthen, bringing you into deeper states of awareness

The world needs you to awaken...

Now more than ever, the world needs us to wake up and recognize the precious opportunity in this lifetime to elevate human consciousness.  The teachings of the Buddha reveal a path to escaping the noise and suffering of attachments. Embodying the Open Ground honors the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience, the ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions, and the deep wisdom of the body. This week is the perfect opportunity to experience the expansion of the heart and exploration of the mind in a fully supported setting.

$895 for the full eight days.

Only $695 if you book by 5/30/19!

Retreat Terms & Conditions:

25% of the tuition is a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the retreat, you will receive a 75% refund.

If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the retreat, you may put your tuition minus the 25% non-refundable deposit toward another upcoming retreat with Dr. John Churchill within 1 calendar year of the date of credit being issued.