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This is a physically active and dynamic class that blends music, movement, consciousness, expression, and community into an inspirational, life-giving, therapeutic dance experience.

Kosmic Pulse emphasizes a full-spectrum exploration of physical and emotional embodiment of archetypal energies and states of consciousness through dance, somatic integration, vocalization, meditation, and tribal/community engagement.  You will feel the joy of Kosmic Pulse long after the hour is over!

Movement provides us with a profound medium and metaphor for discovering where we are moving and where we are stuck. Kosmic Pulse guides us through our personal stories rooted deep in our body/mind and helps us unlock our inner wisdom, so that we are able to connect to ourselves and others more consciously.


After 20 years of training, education, and teaching in the expressive arts field, Nicole Trudel Churchill, a board certified Expressive Therapist, developed Kosmic Pulse; a movement practice designed to facilitate transformational experiences. 

Kosmic Pulse is a vehicle that brings expressive modalities to a mainstream audience, allowing students to experience the healing nature of music, movement, and expression on a daily basis. Dance and movement therapy assume a functional unity exists between body & mind, and that health, inner vitality, insight and therapeutic change occurs through direct experience of the present moment.  One of the best ways to engage the present moment is to stay awake in the body: the sensing, emoting, thinking body.

Earlier Event: October 25